5 Smiles: April 23

When life gets overwhelming, it’s easy to close off onto yourself. A lazy day of hibernation can sometimes be a good thing but if I’ve learned anything – reaching out to friends can be a good way to get a smile back on my face. During those times, I will make an effort to go out to that birthday party or call a girlfriend for an impromptu tea and croissant. Before I know it, I feel much better.

PS – bringing balloons to that said birthday party always gets extra smiles!

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5 Smiles: April 16

The April showers are certainly persisting until the end. This means, we have to be more creative about finding our own sunshine – an excellent skill to have if you’re a Vancouverite! Whether, it is inside a tulip or around a table filled with foods and surrounded by friends, take your pick and enjoy! May flowers are just around the corner.

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Thank you for caring

A couple weeks ago, I walked by a man in the street. I actually see him quite often in my neighbourhood. He’s always smiling and always has something nice to say to passerby – sometimes it’s a joke, sometimes it’s a compliment. He is also usually asking for help – a bit of change if you can spare it – and for this reason, people mostly ignore him. Some days, I just smile and some days, I give him a few coins. That day, I had a toonie in my pocket and as I was giving it to him, someone made a comment that stayed with me “You care too much. People take advantage of that.”

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5 Smiles: April 9

Rain, cloud, rain, sun (!!), wind, rain…. and repeat. April is turning out to be a bit all over the place – kind of like me actually as it is a busy month. There’s been a couple time when I’ve gotten overwhelmed but I need to keep reminding myself to stop, take a breath, smile and go on… Even with all the craziness these days, I don’t want to miss out on those beautiful perfect little moments – whether it’s randomly finding the perfect card for a friend or that little ray of sunlight that came out on a grey day at just the right moment.

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Happiness on two wheels

I often wonder what makes people happy. I’m 100% sure it’s not money but then what is it? Success, accomplishments, experience, love, relationships, mindfulness? I actually had a good discussion about that with a friend this weekend and I’ve continued thinking about it over the last few days. I think what it comes down to for me is mindfulness and relationships. I find that when I am surrounded by the ones I love and make a mindful choice to enjoy each moment I share with them, that’s when I am the happiest.

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One Smile at a Time

When was the last time you smiled at a complete stranger?

In 2013, I read this article about how unfriendly Vancouver had become. It talked about how Vancouverites were known for being anti-social, standoffish and even snobs. It went on to ask the readers about the last time they had smiled at someone in the street or sparked a conversation with a stranger in line or in the bus.

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