5 Smiles: April 23

When life gets overwhelming, it’s easy to close off onto yourself. A lazy day of hibernation can sometimes be a good thing but if I’ve learned anything – reaching out to friends can be a good way to get a smile back on my face. During those times, I will make an effort to go out to that birthday party or call a girlfriend for an impromptu tea and croissant. Before I know it, I feel much better.

PS – bringing balloons to that said birthday party always gets extra smiles!

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5 Smiles: April 24

Too often, we forget that the people surrounding us are the ones who make us truly happy. We get overwhelmed with to do list forgetting to spend time with those who make us smile. With a few friends visiting this week, I decided to drop all those chores (they can wait!) and focus on those very amazing people I am lucky enough to call friends and family.

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