KITS SIDEWALK Supper Project

Based on the SIDEWALK Supper Project that started in the West End of Vancouver, I bring delicious home-cooked food to the streets of my own neighbourhood, Kitsilano, feeding the homeless and anyone in need of a good hearty-meal.

I absolutely love feeding people and strongly believe a kitchen table should always be full of hungry friends ready to enjoy the delicious food you’ve made for them. After all, food always tastes better in good company! Joining the SIDEWALK Supper Project made perfect sense to me. I’m not sure why I did not think of it before. I’ve instantly gained new friends to cook for! It is my way to combine my love of cooking and my passion for community.

Check out my first SIDEWALK Supper Project meal here.


What is the SIDEWALK Supper Project?

Sidewalk Supper Project Logo

The SIDEWALK supper project is a group of young West Enders who bring the warmth of their kitchen to the streets, feeding the homeless with home-cooked meals and sharing their stories along the way. 100% non-profit. 100% love.
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Want to get involved?

Feel free to drop me a line. I’m always looking for people to teach me a new recipe or even contribute a dish and join me on my next SSP adventure.