5 Smiles: March 26

Welcome to Spring friends! I always feel that as soon as the days get a bit longer and the sun has deigned to come out even just a couple times, people are more willing to smile ( or maybe it’s just my very silly rain helmet?!) Whatever the reason, I’m loving the smiles back this week so keep them coming!

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5 Smiles: March 20

Sometimes the smiles I see are subtle and may only make me smile, a burgeoning tree or a fun set of brooches (I get it – it’s not for everyone) but sometimes I’m know for a fact everyone else is smiling too. When I went for a walk the other day, I found a bright yellow smiley face – now don’t tell me you’re not smiling right now!!

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Smiles: July 31

I read a quote this week that made me smile. “Enjoy the little things. For one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

It reminded me why I write the 5 smile series. It really is all these little things that create a life full of happiness. An impromptu picnic with friends, a fresh bagel for a weekday morning brunch, a quiet sunset walk after a long day – all those things might seem rather mundane at first but if you stop and appreciate them, you’ll quickly realize that they are the moments in life to be thankful for.

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My Quick and Easy Summer Meal

Not sure about you but my motivation for cooking complex, intricate, new recipes goes way down in the summer. I just want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine! So, I end up relying on very easy but still delicious meals to minimize kitchen time and maximize beach time. Cue in the salads, BBQ’s and quick pasta dishes!

On my last SIDEWALK Supper Project, I made my ultimate go-to summer menu, grilled veggies and chicken panini with a goat cheese and strawberry salad. I’ve had a few inquiries about it so I decided to share my recipes.

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5 Smiles: July 17

My sister’s wedding was last weekend. It was a beautiful day full of love, family and friends. In the mist of having my parents in town and helping with the preparation, I had to make sure I took some time to slow down and enjoy the fact that my baby sister was getting married. I took a couple afternoons off for quality time with family and spent the day before the wedding with my sister to take in each little moment. It’s hard to not get caught up in the to-do lists and last minute details but my favourite time was our family dinner the night before. We all sat down and enjoyed one of Moe’s specialty, beer-butt chicken. I’ll have to share the recipe one of these days but for now, enjoy this week’s smiles!

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5 Smiles: July 10

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting out of town for a few days, turning off the phone and just taking in what the day brings you. This is exactly what Moe and I did recently when we headed out to Bowen Island for a couple nights. Tucked away in a little cabin, enjoying a nice glass of wine and some cheese, what a difference a short 20 minute ferry ride can do! A few hikes, some mid-day naps and a nice dinner on a patio, we came back to Vancouver recharged and full of smiles.

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