Not a Stranger: April 12

Have you ever crossed someone in the street and noticed how happy they looked? What keeps them smiling each and every day? What is it that brings them so much joy?

Yesterday, I attended an event and crossed path with such an individual. She was wearing all black but might as well been wearing a rainbow suit – she embodied the word happiness. Her smile and positive outlook was so contagious that anyone she approached was ultimately smiling, laughing and even dancing with her.

Observing her from afar, I wondered what her secret was. I was hooked! I had to know. Unfortunately, we did not get very far due to language barriers but I did get this piece of wisdom.

“What keeps you smiling?” I asked.

“I’m just so happy! There’s no reason not to smile.”

And so, just liked that she gave me two thumbs up and walked away. I guess that is the ultimate secret to smiling and bringing happiness around you. There’s no reason not to!


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