Kits SIDEWALK Supper project: Reporting from the street!

I absolutely love feeding people and strongly believe a kitchen table should always be full of hungry friends ready to enjoy the delicious food you’ve made for them. After all, food always tastes better in good company! Joining the SIDEWALK Supper Project made perfect sense to me. I’m not sure why I did not think of it before. I’ve instantly gained new friends to cook for!

My first ground rule: cook exactly as I would for friends and family. My neighbours, no matter what their situation is, deserve the best and I want to serve food I am proud of. And so…. for my first meal, I made some of my favourite recipes – veggie frittata with herbs from my garden, my mom’s signature garlic and ginger potatoes and a thumbprint raspberry cookie. This time Moe joined me as well and contributed his breakfast specialty, bacon (he’s actually known as the bacon master in some circles. I swear!).

IMG_8592 (1)

I was a little worried on Saturday when the sky literally opened up and dropped the entire Pacific Ocean onto Vancouver. I know we’re used to rain but that was quite the downpour!


Good news: the sun came out just in time for a delicious Sunday Brunch. Not so good news: no one was to be found!!! Absolutely, NO ONE! It’s probably a weird thing to think and maybe a good problem to have but where did all the homeless go? Even the nice man with his cat to whom I say hello every weekend when I buy my produce was nowhere to be found. I was actually really looking forward to offering him a meal and maybe getting to know him a bit better.

Well… that’s a problem I did not expect! We did not give up though. We decided to extend our definition of Kits and helped people along the Broadway Corridor. In no time, we found smiling faces happy to be treated to a Sunday Brunch. In the end, it did not really matter who I fed or if they were actually my neighbours; I was just happy to find people to share my feast with.

Looking back – although not exactly what I expected, my first SIDEWALK Supper was a success. I cooked a delicious meal and shared it with people who needed one. What else could I ask for? I can only hope my usual neighbours found a safe place to be and got a warm meal too. I’ll catch you next time Kitsilano!


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The SIDEWALK supper project is a group of young West Enders who bring the warmth of their kitchen to the streets, feeding the homeless with home-cooked meals and sharing their stories along the way. 100% non-profit. 100% love.
You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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