Happiness on two wheels

I often wonder what makes people happy. I’m 100% sure it’s not money but then what is it? Success, accomplishments, experience, love, relationships, mindfulness? I actually had a good discussion about that with a friend this weekend and I’ve continued thinking about it over the last few days. I think what it comes down to for me is mindfulness and relationships. I find that when I am surrounded by the ones I love and make a mindful choice to enjoy each moment I share with them, that’s when I am the happiest.

Case and point: my bike ride with Moe last weekend. With a few hours to spare this weekend, and a beautiful sunshine to boot, Moe and I decided to take our bikes out for a ride. Instead of planning exactly our itinerary or filling every little minutes of our free time together, we chose to enjoy each little moment and go with the flow.

As we biked around beautiful Vancouver, we had fun just being together on such an amazingly sunny day. We stopped at the farmers’ market for the first garlic scapes of the season, noticed the beautiful poppies along 6th avenue, enjoyed a sandwich by the ocean and just took in each moment as they came to us. It also helped that we stopped for cheese on the way home at my new favourite store, les amis du fromage!


I was with someone I love and I made a choice – to live in the present and be grateful for each minute that passes. Everyone has the same choice at almost every moment in their life. You can choose to surround yourself with people you love and you can choose to be mindful about the time spent with them.

I recently saw a quote in the street that said it so well: Happiness is a choice. There’s something quite empowering about having that choice. And so friends, what will you choose?


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