Don’t let a good summer pass you by!

The last couple days of rain gave me a good wake up call! Don’t get me wrong I love the rain. There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a good book listening to the drops tap on the windows or even going for walks with Moe cuddled up under our big umbrella. But, I also happen to love summer and all the fun things I get to do when the sun is shining – reading a book at the beach, going for long bike rides, eating ice cream (only to cool off of course!) . This is Vancouver friends and the last couple rainy days made me think, I really need to make the most of this summer because the beautiful sunshine will not last. Too many of them have passed me by before but this Summer, I’m going to enjoy the ride! 

It’s easy to say now but how do I really make this happen. Glad you ask! I recently read an article about intentional fun and not letting life pass you by. Most days, you get caught up in your routine – watching a TV show, making dinner, cleaning the house. What if you put those aside a night or two each week and did something else.  It talked about living life with intention and giving yourself weekly challenges like “go for an impromptu weeknight bike ride” or “pack up dinner to go watch the sunset” to ensure you don’t just set in your routine and make the most of life – even those weeknights!

I really liked this concept and I decided to apply this “intentional fun” to my summer. If you know me, you know I love lists and so… here is my Summer 2016 list of intentional fun! I’ll sure try hard to check off those boxes! When the fall comes along, I won’t be wondering where my summer went. It might go by quickly but I’ll definitely make the most of it.


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