Cooking with Friends: Volume 1

Indian Food with Dee’s Mom

One thing I love most about food (beside eating it) is its power to bring people together and bridge cultures. Through my travels, I have had countless experiences where I’ve made new friends while sharing a meal or have had the opportunity to learn more about a different culture through its food. In the last couple years, I have not been able to travel as much, but why should that stop me? I’m so lucky to have friends from all over the world right here in Vancouver. And so – I’ve decided to start a Cooking with Friends blog series .

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My Quick and Easy Summer Meal

Not sure about you but my motivation for cooking complex, intricate, new recipes goes way down in the summer. I just want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine! So, I end up relying on very easy but still delicious meals to minimize kitchen time and maximize beach time. Cue in the salads, BBQ’s and quick pasta dishes!

On my last SIDEWALK Supper Project, I made my ultimate go-to summer menu, grilled veggies and chicken panini with a goat cheese and strawberry salad. I’ve had a few inquiries about it so I decided to share my recipes.

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If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life…

Have you ever been asked the question “If you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?” My answer more often than not is pasta (although sometimes I lean towards Ramen which is also pasta I guess – would that count?). Pasta is just my favourite go-to food. You can dress it up or down in so many ways. Have it cold as a nice summer salad or hot as in spaghetti and meatballs. How can you go wrong?

My other favourite food group being cheese, it might not be a surprise that one of my top pasta dish is spaghetti and bocconcini-stuffed meatballs. I one up the ante on this one and accompany it with my very own homemade roasted garlic and herbs pasta sauce.

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Memories of Northern Thailand: Khao Soi

For me, eating is pretty much a synonym of travelling. When visiting a new place, I often have a very detailed list of all the foods I want to try and I can’t wait to ask all the locals about the best places to get each one of them. In Thailand, we did it all – the street food, the curries, the coconut shakes. It was all so good!

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A French Girl’s Comfort Food: Croque Monsieur

Food always has been a big part of each little moment in my life. A tea and pastry when catching up with a friend, a fancy dinner out in the city to celebrate a special occasion, a beautiful roasted chicken for a family meal. At the end of a long day, it would make sense that I have something to go-to for a little comfort. That meal for me is a traditional croquet monsieur – crispy bread with the perfect amount of melted cheese inside and to top it off a creamy nutty buttery béchamel sauce. After the first bite, everything already feels better!

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BBQ Season Has Officially Started!

Beautiful weather has settled in. Vancouverites are enjoying the sunshine, longer days, walk along the beach and me… I’m making the most of it by firing up our BBQ to make my all-time favourite ginger lemon mini pork kebabs! I’m sure the delicious smells made all my neighbours jealous.

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Secrets from Thailand: Curry Pastes

My love for spicy food is deeply rooted. Most likely, it comes from my mom who often cooks with curry powders, coriander and chilli peppers (She learned all about Indian food from the old lady next door when she lived on Reunion Island, a little Island in the Indian Ocean). You can imagine that when we traveled to Thailand, I was beyond excited to try all the foods – the spicier, the better. Bring it on! But I was even more excited when we learned how to cook it. O the rich creamy curries, coconut sticky rice and Mango salads, it did not have to end. I now know all the secrets and can cook it at home! And so here it is friends, my most cherished souvenir from Thailand: curry paste courtesy of Pot and Nancy from the Siam Rice Thai Cookery School in Chiang Mai.

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The best chicken stew in the world…

Or at least in my house!

Every self-professed food lover has a specialty, a special recipe that always seems to please the crowd, a dish they’ve made so many times they don’t even need to check the recipe (if there even was one in the first place).

This Mediterranean-style chicken stew is mine. It is my go-to comfort food. I was just inspired to make it one rainy day – perfect for a hot steamy, colourful and packed with flavours stew.

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