About Me

I’m Ninon, a French girl at heart who calls Vancouver home. A self-professed food lover with a big case of the travel bug. An introverted extrovert; go-with-the-flow yet total planner; often silly but also a thinker.  I fill these pages with my oxymorons and adventures finding happiness in the little things. Enjoy!


What is the smile project?

When was the last time you smiled at a complete stranger? Why is it such a hard gesture to make? In 2013, I decided to experiment doing just that, smile at strangers, as I walk down the streets, pedal my way along the sea wall or even wait in line for my morning tea. It does not cost anything but I hope it does make a difference and even gets passed on to the next person. This is how, I do my part in making Vancouver a friendlier city and the world a better place – one smile at a time. Read more about my smile adventures, interesting people I’ve met and thoughts I’ve had in my Smile Project Blog Series.


Fun facts

Reason I smile: usually food related but I also like the small details like a perfect ray of sunshine coming through my curtains in the morning or the perfect cup of tea on a rainy morning.

Happy place: pedalling on my bike on the seawall but have also find some pretty awesome spots on my travels – 1000 Islands in Laos and Ahmed in Bali are up there.

Favourite city: umm just one? That’s too hard. It’s a tossup between a few. Vancouver (of course!), Barcelona, Melbourne and Hobart.

Favourite Meal: Brunch! I just love poached eggs… yum! And best excuse to drink champage!

Special talents: menu ordering, picking up languages

Next trips: Haida Gwaii, Peru, British Columbia road trip

Go-to food: cheese (all kinds!) and bread

Best dish I make: Mediterranean Chicken Stew (check this blog for my recipe)

Guilty pleasures: I like to watch romantic movies over and over – pretty woman anyone?


Want to get in touch? Drop me a note at ninon@smilingatstrangers.org