5 Smiles: May 2

I just love the month of May – maybe it’s because of the longer days or the fair weather that makes biking everywhere so enjoyable or maybe even because of a saying my mom used to always tell me when I was a child. En Avril, ne te découvres pas d’un fil. En Mai, fait ce qu’il te plait! Roughly translated, it means –  in April, don’t take off any of those layers but in May, do as you wish. And so, as we head into May, I am doing as I wish from checking out the Tulip Festival to going out for ice cream at all my favourite spots (3 times this week but whose counting?).

En Avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil…
Thoroughly enjoying my ice cream at the Birchwood Dairy Farm. Yum!
Perfect reflection.
Is there anything better than a fresh jar of rillette?


Smiling at Strangers has taught me to be present in the little moments of my life and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me each and every day. Every week, I share 5 moments in pictures that might seem small but have made me smile. Hopefully it inspires you to appreciate the little things too.

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