5 Smiles: May 15

There’s nothing better than sitting down on your patio basking in the sun at the end of a long day. Strawberries, tomatoes, kale, snap peas, sage, rosemary and even sunflowers, we really made the most of our farmer’s market  trip last weekend. So excited to watch them all grow! The first leaf of our sunflowers sprouted today and I can already see a few strawberries forming. It’s going to be a great season.

Even better when Moe surprises with salsa and lemonade.
This homemade salsa is Moe’s specialty.
Changing it up to a new patio, our friend’s rooftop for a Friday night picnic.
Nerding it up for the rest of Friday night. Are you team Iron Man or Captain America?


Smiling at Strangers has taught me to be present in the little moments of my life and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me each and every day. Every week, I share 5 moments in pictures that might seem small but have made me smile. Hopefully it inspires you to appreciate the little things too.

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