5 Smiles: July 10

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting out of town for a few days, turning off the phone and just taking in what the day brings you. This is exactly what Moe and I did recently when we headed out to Bowen Island for a couple nights. Tucked away in a little cabin, enjoying a nice glass of wine and some cheese, what a difference a short 20 minute ferry ride can do! A few hikes, some mid-day naps and a nice dinner on a patio, we came back to Vancouver recharged and full of smiles.

An unexpected (and refreshing) smile
Perched under an arbutus tree
There’s always someone in need of encouragement (and a smile!)
This may or may not be the oldest tree in BC…


What is 5 smiles?
Smiling at Strangers has taught me to be present in the little moments of my life and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me each and every day. Every week, I share 5 moments in pictures that might seem small but have made me smile. Hopefully it inspires you to appreciate the little things too.

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