Changing the words

Yesterday as I was walking down the street, I saw these words in the shop window. And then, a little further, a few more words of advice from my local coffee shop.

Coincidence? Maybe but I like to things these little moments that make me smile through the day catch my attention for a reason. And so I got thinking…

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5 Smiles: April 3

I enjoyed every little bit of the sunshine we got this week. Perched in a cherry blossom tree, I thought about how spring always seems to bring the best out of people. Out with the winter blues and in with the spring smiles. Yes – I did notice more people were smiling back this week! And on that note, I end my week with a few smiles of my own.

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It’s up to you!

Today at a local event, I got talking to someone about how unfriendly Vancouver is, how hard it is to connect with people or feel as part of a community. Is that really still the topic I thought? Is that still how we view this city – full of standoffish, grumpy people?

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