Secrets from Thailand: Curry Pastes

My love for spicy food is deeply rooted. Most likely, it comes from my mom who often cooks with curry powders, coriander and chilli peppers (She learned all about Indian food from the old lady next door when she lived on Reunion Island, a little Island in the Indian Ocean). You can imagine that when we traveled to Thailand, I was beyond excited to try all the foods – the spicier, the better. Bring it on! But I was even more excited when we learned how to cook it. O the rich creamy curries, coconut sticky rice and Mango salads, it did not have to end. I now know all the secrets and can cook it at home! And so here it is friends, my most cherished souvenir from Thailand: curry paste courtesy of Pot and Nancy from the Siam Rice Thai Cookery School in Chiang Mai.

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5 Smiles: March 27

It’s actually very fitting that this week was the first week of a new year in the Persian culture. It was the end of a chapter for me and so… new year, new me! I am excited for the new doors and new adventures that await but in the meantime, I am enjoying the start of spring, the most beautiful cookies I baked for Persian New Year and the bit of sunshine we have been getting.

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My Melbourne Top 10

Last year, I had the chance to spend one fun, wonderful, sunny summer in Melbourne. I fell deeply madly in love with the city – a place where as soon as there’s a good beat playing (which is pretty often) there’s people dancing, a place where everything is celebrated from a week dedicated solely to noodles to a day where the entire Colombian community comes out to eat and play and finally a place where no matter what you like or who you are, there is a spot just for you! I have a friend heading out to good ol’ Melbs at the end of the month and so I’ve decided it was time for me to compile my top 10 Melbourne experiences.

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One Smile at a Time

When was the last time you smiled at a complete stranger?

In 2013, I read this article about how unfriendly Vancouver had become. It talked about how Vancouverites were known for being anti-social, standoffish and even snobs. It went on to ask the readers about the last time they had smiled at someone in the street or sparked a conversation with a stranger in line or in the bus.

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The best chicken stew in the world…

Or at least in my house!

Every self-professed food lover has a specialty, a special recipe that always seems to please the crowd, a dish they’ve made so many times they don’t even need to check the recipe (if there even was one in the first place).

This Mediterranean-style chicken stew is mine. It is my go-to comfort food. I was just inspired to make it one rainy day – perfect for a hot steamy, colourful and packed with flavours stew.

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